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Presentation of the company

Since its creation in 2006, Biomass Concept has experienced a constant growth in each one of its departements: the team, the partners, and the portfolio.

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Quality Policy

In order to establish our quality approach, we created a dedicated department in 2018 with the aim of strengthening: the monitoring and support of our partners, the respect of our customers’ quality requirements, the treatment of non-conformities, our expertise in regulations, our internal work processes, etc.

Since 2019, we are certified GMP+ and BIO.

We are GMP+ B3 certified for the trade of raw materials for animal feed.
We are certified "Organic" for the trade of raw materials from Organic Agriculture.
We are authorised to place on the market animal by-products of categories 2 and 3 (Processed Animal Protein).
Cat2, Cat3 Authorization

“For our teams, Quality is an integral part of everyday life”

Our quality culture

Our commitment is to seek solutions that meet the needs of our partners by offering safe and compliant alternatives.

Every day we strive to deploy a demanding quality policy focused on the following axes: 

The control of our producers and food safety

We are developing real partnerships with our producers by making regular visits. In addition, we carefully monitor the RASFF health alerts to ensure our supplies.

Compliance with regulations

To understand changes in regulations and standards, we are involved in conducting regulatory oversight. We regularly participate in conferences related to our various activities.

The control of traceability

We carry out tracking exercises several times a year to validate the reliability of our system. At any time, we can transmit the elements relating to the operations carried out.

Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

Listening to our customers, responding to their requirements, being proactive in meeting their needs and continuous improvement are part of some of the points we consider essential to offer a high level of service and satisfaction.

Pourchasing - Sourcing

Thanks to a strong professional network developed over several years in different countries, we have established solid and optimal relationships from which our partners can benefit.

We develop real partnerships with our producers with the aim of a long-term “win-win” collaboration.

Attentive to markets, regulatory changes, and innovations, we are constantly looking for the best solutions to offer to our partners.

We also pay special attention to:


Logistics is at the heart of our activities.

The management of good logistics is based on indicators that measure the performance of the established system; therefore, with a view to continuous improvement, we constantly try to detect the areas in which we can make progress.


Our transport partners are referenced and evaluated in the same way as our producers, and we ensure that they comply with our partners’ specifications and safety protocols.

Thanks to the ERP system, we can schedule and control the correct execution of our goods contracts.