Our sectors

Human nutrition / fruit and vegetables

We emphasize our efforts in product research to satisfy the needs of the different production and distribution channels.

Our strength of proposal is consolidated with a quality service (food safety, traceability, regulations) to meet the requirements of our customers.

In addition, we have a platform in Barcelona, MERCABARNA, the most dynamic market in Europe.

We work with the following products:

Fresh fruit: citrus fruit (orange, lemon, etc.); watermelon, melon, grapes, persimmon, mango, pineapple, strawberry, avocado; stone fruit, etc.

Dried fruit: almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, …

Fresh vegetables: garlic, onion, tomato, aubergine, courgette, pumpkin, pepper, cucumber, mushroom; potato, …

Dry vegetables: chickpeas, dry beans, lentils (all varieties), …


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Animal feed

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Our Animal Nutrition department is dedicated to trade all the raw materials for animal feed.

We work closely with feed manufacturers, who trust us to obtain the best supply for the manufacture of their compound feeds.

Thanks to our privileged relationship with cooperatives, warehouses or industrialists, we guarantee them the best option to enhance their products.

We work in both the conventional and organic markets, thanks to our GMP+ and BIO certifications.

We work with the following products:

-Cereals: corn, wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum, etc.

-Fodder: alfalfa, hay, straw, raygras, fescue, etc.

-Flours: soya, rapeseed, sunflower, etc.

-Protein crops: peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, vetches, yeros, etc.

-Industrial co-products: Glutens, DDGS, beet pulp, citrus pulp, grape pulp, carob, wheat bran, bagasse, cocoa flour, grape seed flour, etc.


Petfood Industry

At Biomass Concept, we have access to all the Transformed Animal Proteins (PAT) on the market.

This type of raw material is the most requested by manufacturers, thanks to its protein content in specific formulations for each type of animal and at each stage of its life cycle. Among the examples of PAT available, we find both the most generic PATs (blood PATs, poultry PATs, feather PATs…) and the most specific ones, such as pig PATs and poultry PATs with no trace of ruminants, fish PATs (salmon, tuna, etc.) and exotic animal PATs (deer, bison, crocodile, etc.).

We also work with other raw materials of animal origin that are in great demand in this sector, such as fats (poultry, pork) and cretonne of bovine origin. We also have a wide portfolio of raw materials of vegetable origin, such as corn and wheat gluten, beet pulp, different types of yeast, chicory, cassava, glycerine, etc.

We have developed under the brand name Petfood Concept an activity in the marketing of pet food.


We work both with raw materials for the manufacture of fertilizers, and with fertilizers already formulated, registered and ready for sale.

In the case of raw materials, we have a wide range of possibilities for our customers, both those of organic origin (e.g. manure, animal by-product meal, olive and grape pulp, etc.) and those of mineral origin (potassium sulphate, dicalcium and tricalcium phosphate, phosphate rock, etc.).

As for the fertilizers already formulated, we have a wide portfolio of products registered and authorised for use in organic agriculture, such as NPK 4-3-3, 5-4-2, 10-2-0, 12- 1-0. Furthermore, we can offer “a la carte” formulations, according to the richness desired by our customers, and we also have access to the most requested mineral fertilizers in the agricultural market, such as DAP (18-46-0), MAP (11-52- 0), ammonium sulphate 21%, potassium chloride, etc.


All organic matter is considered biomass and can therefore be used to produce energy.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, in terms of heat or reduction of carbon footprint, we work with a wide range of materials from various sources:

– wood and forestry: (sawdust, shavings…)

– agriculture and wine

– biowaste

– industrial processing activities in the agro-food sector

We are also working on the recovery of class A or B industrial wood waste, SFR (Solid Recovered Fuel), to supply incinerators or other authorised recovery centres.

We manage the regulatory documentation inherent in the transport and recovery of these wastes.

Green areas & Roads

Our Green Spaces and Roads sector brings together two categories of products for the maintenance and protection of your spaces.


This technique, which consists of covering the ground with materials to create a protection around the plants and flowerbeds, makes it possible to avoid evaporation, the growth of weeds, the retention of the ground on sloping ground, the enrichment of the soil, etc.

The products used are of plant origin (bark, straw, sawdust, wood shavings, etc.) or of mineral origin (pozzolan, gravel, slate, crushed glass, etc.).

Biomass Concept markets all these products.


We market a wide range of salt for snow removal and de-icing (bag, bulk, big bag) for road protection or industrial use.